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" We invite you to please take a look around our town. Here you will find a warm friendly town with an atmosphere to grow your dreams! "

Welcome to Cascade, Iowa

Cascade, Iowa is entered in Dubuque County near the borders of Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. The Cascade Chamber of Commerce invites you to visit a "Place We Call Home".

Cascade Area Businesses are owned and operated by long time Cascade Families. With growth in business, tourism and economical residential housing, Cascade has much to offer. Come see our historic buildings, fine shops, and great eateries.

We are located on Highway 151 between Dubuque, Iowa and Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

2014 Water Quality Report

This report contains important information regarding the water quality in our water system. The source of our water is groundwater. Our water quality testing shows the following results: See Attached File

Residents of Cascade

Let’s take pride in the appearance of our Community. Please make sure lawns are being mowed and weeds and shrubs are being kept groomed. Please take a look at trees that are hanging over sidewalks and make sure they are kept trimmed. Also, please do not blow grass clippings into the City streets, which may clog the storm sewers. Also, remember to place only a 33 gallon container of garbage out on collection days. If you have additional garbage, tags are available at City Hall for $2.00. The City will be enforcing the ordinances addressing these items and others. Thank you for your prompt attention!

Lawn Care Reminder

It is the responsibility of property owners to keep their lawns mowed and free from weeds per City of Cascade’s Code of Ordinances 50.02.10. If lawns are not mowed, the City will issue a notice and if the lawn remains unmowed the City will mow it and assess the cost to the property taxes.

It is unlawful according to Chapter 135.03 of the City of Cascade Code of Ordinances to blow grass clippings into the street or have your street show evidence that grass clippings from your property were blown into the street. These grass clippings and other debris washes into the storm sewers and clogs them. Failure to abide by this Ordinance can result in a $250 municipal citation and mandatory court appearance.

Brush and Yard Waste Site Notice

There is a separate area for brush and branches and a separate area for leaves and grass clippings at the yard waste site that is indicated with arrows.

Gras clippings
Small tree branches
Small tree limbs

Things that are NOT allowed include glass bottles and jars, fence pieces, old cars, furniture, construction materials, cat litter, etc. We have had numerous items that are not allowed being dumped at the yard waste site. The City must remove these items and discard them properly at the City?s expense. If this continues, the City may have to install a fence with a locked gate at the site and it may only be open with permission from the City. It is a convenience that the City has the yard waste site available for the community. Please adhere to the rules so it can continue to be available anytime to the public.

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