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Cascade Iowa Fire Department

Cascade Fire Station Image 807 1st Avenue East
Cascade, Iowa 52033
[email protected]
Denny Green, Fire Chief
Jim Felton, Asst. Fire Chief

The Cascade Community Volunteer Fire Department provides fire protection, emergency rescue services, fire prevention education, and tornado awareness to the residents of Cascade and the surrounding area.

The Department was formed in 1974 through a partnership between the City of Cascade and the Cascade Rural Fire Truck Association a/k/a the Farm Board. The City and Farm Board provide a majority of funding for the Department. The Department has also received grant funding from the Dubuque Racing Association and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for major equipment purchases.

The Department is manned by 25 dedicated volunteers. Its command consists of a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, a Capitan, two Lieutenants, and four training officers. All Department members are Fire Fighter One certified. This certification makes the Department already compliant with the State of Iowa’s upcoming 2010 mandate that volunteer fire fighters be certified structural firefighters.

The Department’s service territory covers 136 square miles including the City of Cascade and parts of 6 townships in three different counties - Dubuque, Jones, and Jackson. The Department is dispatched by Dubuque County via pagers and 2-way radios. In 2008 the Department improved its ISO Rating to a 5 on scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best.

The Department’s vehicle fleet consists of 2-pumper trucks, 2-tanker trucks, a rescue truck, a grass rig, a motorized flat-bottom rescue boat, and a rescue sled. The average age of the vehicles in the fleet is 13-years. The Department strives to replace its oldest vehicle with a new one every 7-years.

The Department is equipped with jaws-of-life, rescue jacks, a monitor gun, thermo imaging camera, self-contained breathing apparatuses, a cascade air system, and rescue saw.

The Department recently completed a 32’ x 64’ addition on to the Fire Station to house its longer quad-cab pumper trucks and provide a larger work area for performing routine vehicle maintenance, training exercises, filling air tank bottles, drying hose, and repairing equipment.

The Department has averaged 55 calls per year over the last 3-years. The breakdowns as follows: 6 structure fires, 15 grass fires, 4 auto fires, 2 hazardous material spills, 8 auto rescue calls, 7 EMS assists, 4 other rescue calls, and 10 false alarms.

The Department holds two annual fundraisers – the Halloween Masquerade Dance and the 200 Club Ticket Sales. Proceeds are used to purchase equipment, gear, and supplies for the Fire Department.