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City of Cascade Public Works Sewer Department

The City of Cascade provides wastewater collection and treatment for residents and businesses with an underground sanitary sewer collection system and a mechanical wastewater treatment plant. The collection system consists of 120 manholes, 9 miles of gravity flow sewer line, and 3 lift stations. The wastewater treatment plant is licensed and monitored by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources via a NPDES permit. The treatment plant consists of a head-end lift station, aerated grit collector, two primary clarifiers, an aerobic digester, two rotating biological contractors, a trickling filter, two final clarifiers, final contact tank, a sludge holding tank, and sludge drying beds. The treatment plant is designed to treat 250,000 gallons per day. The average daily flow is 190,000 gallons.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Image 1 Waste Water Treatment Plant Image 2
Waste Water Treatment Plant

Cascade Sewer Rates Table

Monthly Account Charge$17.11/month
Per 1,000 Gallon Charge$9.49/1,000 gals
Occasional Sewerage Sales (Septic Tank Pumping)$72.73/1,000 gals